Ryan L. Thomas

Urban Geographer

Harvard University Graduate School of Design ‘20

I'm a designer, investigating spatial politics in urbanism and cartography. Currently I am a Master in Design Studies candidate with a concentration in Urbanism, Landscape, Ecology at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. I am a commissioned officer with the U.S. Army Engineer Regiment, where my primary duties involve unit leadership, project development, construction management, combat engineering operations, and technical construction oversight. My background in architecture, military studies, and geospatial sciences, define my focus in critically reforming doctrine that affects marginalized populations, areas of conflict, and military representational models of urbanized terrain.


All photos on this site are open source and in the public domain, with sources linked. Any opinions expressed here are personal and in no way reflect the official position of the Department of Defense, its subsidiary branches, or any governmental institution or body.

Any critiques presented reflect the altruistic intent to improve the state of current operations.