This is an attempt to re-reconnoiter the largest joint offensive operation conducted by NATO Coalition's International Security Assistance Force. The aim was to seize the town of Marjah, in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, in order to clear presence of the Taliban, allowing for civil re-structuring.

The terrain was surveiled with interest to arable land, rather than insurgent presence, as it was alleged that opium cultivation was fueling Taliban finances. The warning of the operation was made months in advance, by means inaccessible to the civilian populous; giving insurgents ample opportunity to vacate the area prior to the offensive. Coalition forces would clear building by building over the next several months, putting civilians at risk for the presumption that they would face enemy hostility. Marjah's seizure was a misguided attempt to stop global drug trade.

This preview is not an expose on war crimes or military-industrial-economical multiplexes, but instead it acts as a brief recognition of the scope + technology used to establish reconnaissance for this stability operation.


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